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New York, NY – November 13, 2023 – Charles Carlini Presents is thrilled to announce the launch of the first annual Guitar Masters Festival, set to captivate music enthusiasts and guitar aficionados alike from April 26th through 29th, 2024. This four-day extravaganza will showcase some of the very finest guitarists from around the world at various premier venues across New York City.

Renowned impresario and esteemed guitar maven, Charles Carlini, the visionary behind “Charles Carlini Presents,” has curated an illustrious career dedicated to the celebration of guitar mastery. Having previously presented legendary guitarists such as Tal Farlow, Pat Martino, Allan Holdsworth, Joe Satriani, Joe Diorio, and George Benson, Carlini’s passion for the instrument is the driving force behind the Guitar Masters Festival.

Guitar Masters Festival

“Charles Carlini Presents” has a rich history of bringing iconic guitarists to the forefront of the music scene, and the Guitar Masters Festival is set to continue this legacy by uniting exceptional talents for an unparalleled musical experience.

The official lineup and participating artists for the festival will be unveiled in early 2024, promising an extraordinary roster that spans genres, styles, and generations. From jazz and blues to rock and classical, the Guitar Masters Festival will be a celebration of the diverse and dynamic world of guitar music.

Charles Carlini expressed his enthusiasm for the event, saying, “The Guitar Masters Festival is a dream realized, bringing together some of the world’s greatest guitarists in the heart of New York City. We’re curating an experience that transcends musical boundaries, showcasing the artistry and innovation of these masterful musicians.”

Attendees can expect a series of unforgettable performances, masterclasses, and special events that highlight the versatility and virtuosity of the guitar. As the Guitar Masters Festival takes over New York City, it promises to be a must-attend event for music enthusiasts, guitar aficionados, and anyone passionate about witnessing the magic that happens when strings meet skill.

Stay tuned for further announcements and details as the Guitar Masters Festival gears up to make its mark on the global music calendar. For more information and updates, please visit or follow us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.


About Charles Carlini Presents:
“Charles Carlini Presents” is a leading music production company founded by Charles Carlini, a distinguished impresario and guitar maven with a passion for showcasing extraordinary talent. With a history of presenting iconic guitarists in concert, “Charles Carlini Presents” continues to make a significant impact on the music industry by bringing together artists and audiences in unique and memorable ways. For more information, visit

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